Big Fish Casino Review - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid

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Online casinos have become an extremely lucrative as well competitive industry with the operators introducing new promotions on a daily basis.

Promotional activities include attractive bonuses, prize moneys, jackpots and other irresistible offers aimed at making your online casino experience as memorable as possible.

The reputed iGaming software companies have strict rules which the operator needs to follow always as the gaming software is mostly licensed to the operators and this industry is fueled by good reputation.

After creating your account at any of the online casinos, the next step is that of making the initial payment — this is what most of the players are apprehensive about as they are required to disclose their financial details in order to move the cash out and into their accounts.

Almost all the service providers give you the option of paying through:. Once you make the payment, the money is added to your account and you will be able to start playing.

The players can indulge in their favorite online casino game while on the move. Mobile casinos give players unlimited access to casino games whenever they want — this was a big step for the online casino operators.

The introduction of mobile casinos has resulted in an exponential growth in the number of daily players, resulting in even more innovations in the online casino games industry.

Some mobile casinos offer exclusive promotions to players using their mobile devices to play casino games. In fact, some of the players prefer to play on their mobile phones as the games have great animation, at times even better than the online versions.

Banking options offered by the casino also need to be considered — the more options, better is the security.

As every payment method has its own set of rules which the casino needs to abide by. To think that the gambling industry is bereft of scamsters out to fleece the uninitiated would a paradox.

Though the apprehensions and fears are not unfounded, the gamers need to simply ensure that the online casinos are regulated and licensed by competent authorities and also find out the jurisdiction within which the servers are based.

The licensing bodies always have a grievance cell to help the players in case of any fraud. There is always a Big Daddy watching over the operators and any criminal move is taken to task without fail.

Reputation is of paramount importance to any business and the casinos — whether land based or online are no different. In fact the established and reputed casinos are very cautious about avoiding online scams, but there are a few who exist solely to scam their players.

Skip to content as featured on: How to choose the right site How to avoid scam Software and payments Secure mobile sites Conclusion. Casino scams — How to avoid black sheeps Gambling is an inherent trait of human nature and with gambling comes the players who follow all the rules to make a clean win and those who will pull every trick in the book to make good money by scheming others.

How to choose the right casino site? Tips to avoid casino scam sites. I have purchased lots of games over the years and yet when I have a problem no one will respond to my request.

Suddenly, I can not download or install any of my purchased games, but I can install one of their games in the trial version.

Upon reading some of the other reviews this seems to be a big problem with Gamefish. Stay away from their site, because sooner or later you are going to have problems.

Games don't download after purchase! Updated my info with new credit card. They are charging the old credit card. Asked if it was a robot. Waited over an hour.

She said response time is hours! Please see recent reviews. This stupid site was charging my credit card every month even though it said right on my account that my membership was canceled months ago and it wouldn't be so bad if they were giving me game credits like they are suppose to when they charge your card in the first place but they don't they just continue to take my money and it is impossible to get ahold of anyone to try and resolve it so I had to call my bank and cancel my card.

I had a "club membership" a couple of years ago and was not happy. I decided to get a trial game and was enjoying it until the free trial ended.

I was hooked and decided to buy it. As soon as they got my debit number I can't download the game. I have been in the customer service lol loop.

I'm pissed at myself for thinking they have changed. Big Fish was fun for a long time. Now in recent months the odds are so favored for the casino it no longer is fun at all.

BigFish now is a source of frustration and has just become annoying. Good bye Big Fish. A warning to others gamblers, don't ever spend real money on these games, the odds are so favored for the casino you will only lose it all quickly.

Calling for a boycott of this game until they loosen up their slots and stop acting like degenerate scumbag criminals.

Pushing real money for their fake chips, come on I bought over Bigfish games, they are supposed to be for life. Well, I am not dead yet, and I cannot play any of my games.

I have been through all of the error codes, looking around online for help and nothing works I even reset my computer to factory.

I hope thy get the problem fixed soon. Shameful - annoying - frustrating - incredibly bad. Rigged Casinos and scam with subscriptions.

Avoid this scam company and give it bad reviews everywhere. Fix stuff refund or just stop creating altogether.

I have accessed this site exclusively since It's unfortunate but the site has started to carry games that have explicit, killing of innocent animals that just happen to be bystanders in the games.

I contacted them several times and the individuals who returned my emails had a "I couldn't care less" attitude about my concern.

Under no circumstance will I allow my hard earned money to be used to promote cruelty, and abuse to animals. Shame on you Big Fish. I hope every one reads my review and stops using your site.

You would think they would be smart enough to let people play for a while on the chips they purchase.

They claim the odds are the same as a real casino but the problem with this is You are a game threat I'm playing and I'm getting chips, not money.

Someone needs to grow a pair and stop them!!! Their casinos are a huge rip off. Laughable odds, nothing but zeroes, constant popups asking to buy chips.

Scam company at its finest. This is a game. But too often people forget that. The scatter games are fun. The People who play seriously and criticize you for not betting high so they can get free chips off you hitting "scatter" are no fun.

I have high chips but have good luck hitting 5 scatters. But if I bet my winning range 18k on Secret Grove I am called things like bottem feeder and dog droppings.

These people make me hate playing. It is not my fault they went broke. When you get free chips for someone who is broke, they should not refer to name calling.

If they have a problem they should go have their Mommy change their Diaper. You might be able to still play the game you paid for if you click on My Computer, and then go to the install directory of your game for example, if you installed to C: The launcher for the game is an exe file of the same name.

No, I own 5 Big Fish games on my laptop and they all work when I'm on vacation, where there is no internet available.

No idea I have a Mac, try downloading a free game.

Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing one of the largest social casinos for you. Big Fish Casino has been in business since and has been generating loyal, valuable clients ever since.

Now, as the guts of a social casino are the games, that part of my review will be pretty similar to other casinos I have done for this site.

However, as the business intricacies of social casinos are very different, you can consider this review a bit of a primer on what this category is all about.

Big Fish Casino is one of the largest and most successful social casinos on the market. It is owned and operated by Big Fish Games, which is a games developer based in Seattle.

While the casino is easily the largest of the games they offer, they are well known in the social gaming space, with over Facebook games and another 3, PC games.

Big Fish Casino, having been around since , actually predates the Facebook surge of social gaming. At the start, the game was nothing more than a play-for-fun casino option, with most of the development we see today coming over the last 10 years.

The company has been sold twice in the last 5 years. This will give Big Fish Games access to the second-largest slot machine provider on the planet.

The main difference between a social casino and a real money casino comes down to finances. At a casino like Big Fish Casino, players are playing the same games as those playing at, say, Casino Fortune.

However, no matter how many chips a player wins, they can never cash them out for real money. All they are playing for are the accolades of other players, and unlocking games and bonus levels.

I have to tell you that this just escapes me. The fact that you can pay for chips but never turn them back into cash is not something a gambler wants to hear.

However, I do get that people choose to entertain themselves in many different ways So, to those of you reading this review, I say congratulations on having a whole category of gaming opened up for you!

Big Fish Casino like most of the social casinos is designed with Facebook and mobile devices in mind. If you are on a PC, you can head to Facebook and search for the casino, or you can head directly to their site.

In either case, the non-download interface is clearly built to fit into the Facebook platform. If you are interested in playing this casino from your mobile, then you can download a native app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

The mobile app seems to be much faster than playing in a browser so I would recommend that to anyone who has the opportunity. To create an account, you simply log in using your Facebook account you can also just create an account with your email address.

Upon creating your account, you can choose a username, along with a password. From there, you can upload a picture for your avatar, or select from one of the available pictures.

Your account is preloaded with , chips when you are done creating it. You can then head to the lobby and start playing.

There, you will see all the games that are available to you, and others that can be unlocked by completing levels of play.

Now, right out of the gate, you are going to be bombarded by offers to try to get you to buy additional chips.

My suggestion is that you ignore all of them until you are really sure you want to spend money on casino games that are for entertainment purposes only.

As you play the games, you earn achievements that will award you bonus chips, as well as gold bars that are used to access VIP levels as well as unlock more games.

There are dozens of levels to reach, each giving you more access to the casino. You can see that most of the games are available to the public, while some are reserved for groups or private play.

I am not entirely certain what road you should take here. For me, it seems the most logical to just sit down at a game you are familiar with and start playing.

Okay, now here is an area of the casino that I can get behind. The Big Fish Casino is run on software that the company built themselves, and one quick scan of the lobby shows many games available to players.

The slots catalog at Big Fish Casino features dozens of titles available for players. There are two tabs in the slots lobby: I decided just to spin the reels for a while to see what would happen.

There are both 9- and payline games, and there is even a progressive jackpot on the Jackpot City slot machine.

The site also offers slots tournaments for its players, which is something I really like, no matter where I am playing. For me, stacking up against other players is far more interesting than just the lonely behavior of hitting the Spin button over and over again.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the Baywatch slot. It is evident that the Big Fish management appreciates the value of cross-branded content, so an agreement to brand a slot machine after the movie is an excellent sign that this casino wants to be competitive in the space.

The way the table games section works is slightly different than the slots area. There are no games that are locked. However, the minimums at each themed table are different, so if you want to play at a certain game, you need to have the bankroll to do so.

You can see how a player would want to show off the achievement of just being allowed to sit at the Dubai table. This alone could convince a player to make a massive purchase of chips.

As for the gameplay, I was pleased to see that the game has a standard look and feel to it. You have got to be kidding! Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me. I will not be fooled again. Stay far away from BFG. They may have the monopoly on PC Games, but there are other more reputable firms out there.

Hopefully, more people will realize what scum they are and find other sites or more enjoyable activities to take up their time.

I know we have. Anyways I had 29 million chips in my account and was so pleased. I am the type of person that shares my wins with others through scatters.

Anyways, I was scattering in snow when someone at the table warned me that I was now marked and then quickly left. I was so confused and asked the other pIayers at the table what that meant.

Anyways things went downhill. I lost all and became rather frustrated with tthe game. Over the next while, nearly every time I would slowly build up to over 1 million then all would be lost.

After each slow climb.. BFC would take it all back. I would try every possible slot and blackjack table and the same results.

Then it would let up for a couple of hours and I get lucky because someone with lots of chips contributes to the shared pot that I won into. Then when I start feeling confident they pull the plug.

They claim their payout is the same as a regular casino. When a casino slot isnt paying This is so unfair and doesnt give us the opportunity to gain our chips back.

I stopped playing for several months after that and then decided to try the game again hoping things had changed.

Well I won 2 tourneys and had for the first time in a year over 20 millions in my account. Within a day or two.. I have to warn others.

I have read on this facebook page that some are spending hundreds of real dollars to play this game and it is rigged. Since I have formed this opinion and spoke out, I have not been able to hold on to my winnings.

I even tried to test this theory by creating another account.. Too many times BFC has written back when I would lose so much and then was having major problems with freezes and boots during play.

It is no longer fun at all. You have created a bunch of depressed people with k chips that squat at the bonus pots hoping to get something since the spins don't create scatters or wins for the vast majority.

I used to be able to hold on to my chips and having fun being able to scatter for myself and others, but now.. I know for certain that so many feel the same as me..

I used to absolutely love these games and have had the opportunity to play with a great many people out there from all around the world.

People - I am as honest as the day is long and I know I am right about this. If you insist on gambling online.

Buy real chips with your real dollars. You might get lucky.

Such practice is gained in playing free Slots. This video slot game is dedicated to the well known Battlestar Galactica TV series. Feb 19, Look for reviews on US online casinos right here at phoenixracing. Starburst Freischaltung bei Anmeldung über unseren Link. Zuletzt gibt es noch den jocuri pacanele sizzling hott 2 Fisch, bei dem Sie zwischen einem und drei Super Scatter Wins erhalten. Next up is a green set online casino forums blueprints, then an open laptop Beste Spielothek in Dietrichstein finden and a closed metal briefcase. It was one of the darkest places I've ever been in my life. I bought over Bigfish games, they are supposed to be for life. The introduction of mobile casinos has resulted in an exponential growth in the number of daily players, resulting in even more innovations in the online casino games industry. Best Broker in Test. Waited over an hour. That said, BFG has gone down hill in the last year. If so this is definitely your new favorite app! I have been through all of the error codes, looking around online for help and nothing works I even reset my computer to factory. I know for certain that so many feel the same as me. There was nothing but an unsatisfied disgusting scam feeling going on casino online pay by mobile single day.

Big Fish Casino Review - Is This A Scam/Site To Avoid Video

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Big Fish Casino Review - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid -

Jeder der fünf Fisch-Symbole bietet eigene Gewinnwege und eine spezielle Runde, die relativ oft ausgelöst wird. Je niedriger der Hausvorteil eines Spiels ist, desto höher ist also dessen Auszahlungsquote und desto besser sind Ihre Gewinnchancen. Wählen Sie sorgfältig, da Sie nur einmal wählen dürfen. Take careful note of the demeanor of the person you are interviewing. VIP rewards are offered in tiers and are unlocked as you play. Everyone we rate at this party supports sensible gaming though charitable contributions as well as actively participating in curbing addiction even in their own VIP clubs.


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